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Cox's Estimates for Eminent Occupational Groups

From Table 20 B, Volume II: The Early Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniuses by Catharine M. Cox from Genetic Studies of Genius edited by Lewis M. Terman. Copyright 1926, Stanford University Press. (Data taken from the third printing January, 1959).

The book contains fascinating developmental biographies

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Early Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniuses

Group Adult IQ Flynn Effect Corrected
Philosophers 180 158
Scientists 175 153
Non-fiction Writers 170 148
Religious Leaders 170 148
Fiction Writers 165 143
Revolutionary Statesmen 165 143
Statesmen 165 143
Average Group A 165 143
Artists 160 138
Musicians 160 138
Soldiers 140 118

(Group A includes all but 19 of the 301 geniuses.)

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