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Welcome to the IQ Comparison Site Advanced Culture Fair IQ Test

Thinking Man This is a culture-fair IQ test because there is minimal prior knowledge needed to answer the questions.   It tests reasoning and your ability to detect patterns despite deliberate distraction. 

Test Instructions

The overall process of taking the test is: Sign Up > Take Test > Pay > Get Results. 

There are 36 questions, all of the same type.  They all consist of a 3 X 3 grid and have vertical and horizontal order.  However, one tile from the bottom-right corner of the grid is missing and has to be found from the lettered ones scattered around the grid.  Try to determine the logical pattern or order of how the tiles are arranged in the grid so that you can find the one that logically fits, choosing from the ones surrounding the grid. 

Sample Question

An image of an example question is given below.  The correct answer for the sample question is D.


When you have chosen one of the tiles, indicate its letter in the Answer box.  Pressing the Next button saves your answer (if any) and takes you to the next question.  You can also enter a question number and jump to it by pressing the Go button.  This will save your answer and take you to the question number you have selected.  There is a page after question 36 (the Finish page) where you can decide whether to request your score and finish the test, or to go back and guess at unanswered questions.  Guessing is recommended as you will not be penalized for wrong answers.

This is a power IQ test -- there is no time limit. Timed IQ tests differentiate people based on how fast they can get through the test, with most people unable to finish all the relatively easy questions in time. Instead, a power test has questions that become increasingly difficult so that almost nobody can get them right at the end.

This test is closely based on another one concept by concept. That test was standardized against a Mensa sample. As such, this test will only give exact IQ scores for the 97 to 160 IQ range. (100 is defined as the average IQ for the general population. High school graduates have an average IQ of 110.)  However, the scores being given now are based on old data.  All IQ tests have to be eventually re-standardized because of generational IQ gains (the Flynn Effect).  The restandardizations almost invariably result in lower IQ scores being assigned for the same raw score.  New data is being collected to standardize the test and update the corresponding IQ scores.   This preliminary data shows that the test validity is .724 (N = 64), which is in the range of how much IQ tests usually correlate with each other. According to Bias in Mental Testing by Jensen (p. 315), "... the correlations among various IQ tests can be said to be most typically in the range from about +.67 to +.77." The reliability is .832 (Cronbach's Alpha, N = 349). For this type of test, "for normal adults in their late teens or older, reliability coefficients of .80 to .93 are typical." (p. 214 in Psychological Testing: History, Principles, and Applications 3rd Ed. by R.J. Gregory).  Once the standardization is done, a more detailed report will be posted and IQ score results will be adjusted at no cost to you.


The fees are in US funds, and payable through credit card or PayPal.

Test Results: $15.00.  Includes a score results page with a personalized link (URL) that you can bookmark, post, or send to your friends.  The Results page includes your User Name, number of questions answered correctly, total number of questions, number of questions not answered, IQ score, IQ standard deviation, and your percentile rank with respect to the general population.  It also includes a clear and consise explanation of intelligence, IQ tests, IQ scores, and what the related statistics mean.  Note that since online tests are unsupervised, they typically cannot be used for admission to high IQ societies.

Answers: $9.00.  A list of all the questions you got right and wrong and what the correct answers are.  No answers will be given for questions you skip, thus guessing is recommended.  Some people will be quite curious about the answers to these questions, so at the risk of having answers posted on the Internet (which is strictly prohibited), we show the answers to people who are willing to pay.  See the confidentiality notice below.  It is still up to you to explain these answers to yourself, although we are considering offering explanations in the future.  If you think this would be a worthwhile feature, please email us to express your interest.

We will give full refunds if technical problems prevent you from completing the test, seeing answers, or if there is a gross error on our part.  If you are not sure you want to see the answers, you can still choose to pay for that option afterwards, at the end of the test.

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This test is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.  The contents of this test are confidential to prevent cheating.  You are prohibited from showing or discussing, in any form or through any medium, the details of any question, answer, or hint other than with the people running this website or in possible exclusive forums set up on this website.  One exception is the sample question given on this page as it is not part of the scored test.

You are allowed to print out questions if you prefer to do some pencil and paper figuring.  (Tip: use landscape printing).  You are also allowed to legitimately discuss the test in general on the Internet as long as you don't reveal answers, questions, or hints.  You can tell anyone you want about your score and publish links to your score page if you like.

By agreeing to take the test, you agree that you will pay U.S. $1000 per question, answer, or hint published if you publish it, or allow it to be published on the Internet or elsewhere.  You also agree and give us permission and authorization to investigate the leak using any legal means, including receiving information about you from your Internet Service Provider.  You further agree to pay us for any expenses we incur in the investigation and legal proceedings, including court costs, if you are found guilty of breaking this confidentiality agreement.

Privacy Policy

We will not sell, give away, or otherwise impart your personal infomation to other parties, including your email address, without your consent. We will only email you about matters related to this test and website.  We will take reasonable and diligent efforts to ensure your information is not stolen from us that could result in identity theft or other criminal activity.  That begins by not asking for information that we do not strictly need.  For example, we will not collect  your address or phone number, bank details, etc.   People will not be able to see your score unless they have your specific URL.  All your personal psychological data from optional surveys will be kept strictly confidential and used for scientific enquiry.  Any statistics we publish derived from the survey data we collect will be in aggregate, summary format, and will not have individually identifying information.

Browser Requirements

This test should work with major browsers.  It requires cookies.  Firefox is more convenient at the end of the test, but Internet Explorer can do essentially the same thing with more steps.  To avoid scrolling, the minimum screen resolution for this test is 800X600 using the small images and medium text size or less.  To see the whole question at once you may want to temporarily disable some unnecessary browser bars (see under the View menu).  Large images are also available for those with higher resolution screens or for looking at a picture in more detail.

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Firefox is recommended as a faster and more secure browser than Internet Explorer but is not required to do this test.